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POLI-TAPE Heat Transfer Vinyls with vegan certificate


The environmental awareness in our society is becoming more and more important. Both a consciuos nutrition and the origin of raw materials for basic commodities are fundamental for the people. Moreover this demand is meanwhile also made for textiles and clothes.


POLI-TAPE wants to support this contemporary lifestyle and has therefore certified all textile transfer films as „vegan“. Thus we offer our customers safe guidelines about what to expect from our products and the guarantee that no animal materials are used. Besides the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate our Heat Transfer Vinyls are now also equipped with the V-Label – a quality label for vegan and vegetarian products.


► V-Label licence certificate


Gerrit Rauch is the new sales manager


Gerrit Rauch has been responsible for the sales of POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH since March 2020 and is responsible for the further expansion of our international sales management. He has many years of professional and management experience in the management of textiles and sign & digital as well as international market and industry knowledge.


Efficient logistics and warehouse concept


POLI-TAPE has expanded his storage space at the Remagen production site. With a total volume of around 3.0 million euros, investments were made in an efficient logistics and storage concept in order to further increase the company's competitiveness.


The core of the investment is a new logistics hall with an area of 2000 sqm for storing semi-finished goods for the segment of POLI-PRINT products. The newly obtained area offers space for 1200 frames for jumbo rolls of coated digital printing films and laminates as well as 650 additional pallet storing positions. "Not only the internal logistics benefit from the new storage space, but also our customers," says managing director Sven Möhren. "We now have the option of keeping more semi-finished products available and thus reacting more flexibly and quickly to our customers' requirements."


Moreover, the relocation of the semi-finished goods into the new warehouse improves our distribution logistics. A large shipping warehouse of 650 sqm with a flow rack systems for 815 pallet spaces was built on the vacant area. By saving common rack aisles this special pallet rack system creates 60 percent more storage area and additionally ensures a greater flexibility and time savings when goods are dispatched.


ASLAN is to join the POLI-TAPE GROUP


At the end of October/start of November 2019, ASLAN, Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, based in Overath, will be acquired by the POLI-TAPE GROUP of Remagen.


ASLAN is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialised self-adhesive films for use in the market sectors of sign making, digital printing, stencil films, graphic designs for interiors and films for book protection.




Please follow our new official YouTube Channel to keep up to date with any new information about our company as well as selected application videos.


► POLI-TAPE YouTube Channel


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