Motor for Growth and Dynamic Success

Research is the mainstay on which the development of POLI-TAPE's premium creative products is based. Such research is never undertaken as an end in itself, but is always solutionoriented, with a constant focus on individual customer requirements and market needs.

Independent in-house research and development activities ensure sustained competitiveness and thus guarantee outstanding and innovative products and system solutions. These products enable POLI-TAPE, in its position as a market leader, to further grow in international markets and to continue in the forefront of innovation.

POLI-TAPE's laboratory facilities for research and development, quality assurance as well as application technology are concentrated at the Remagen location.

Over the recent years, a fixed percentage of the company's annual turnover has been invested into research and development. POLI-TAPE's development focus is on the ongoing and application-oriented optimisation of the standard product range. Another priority is the research into and evaluation of alternative raw materials, with a view to further enhancing quality standards and production efficiency.


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