POLI-TAPE is an innovative family run business and is a market leader in the manufacturing of high quality Textile Transfer Films, Digital Printing Media, Plotter and Laminating films as well as Adhesive Tapes for advertising and display lettering. Our films are used for enhancing artwork lettering on sport and casual clothes as well as advertisements on windows, cars and various other advertising spaces.

In addition to the main production site in Remagen (Germany), four further production companies in Germany, France and Italy belong to the POLI-TAPE Group. To serve the important markets in North, Central and South America, we have a sales and logistics location in Jacksonville (Florida/USA).

With nearly 400 employees worldwide, we supply our customers high quality products in more than 90 countries all over the world.


POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH

Zeppelinstraße 17
53424 Remagen / GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0) 2642- 9836 0
Fax: +49 (0) 2642- 9836 37

E-Mail: info@poli-tape.de
Internet: www.poli-tape.de

ASLAN Selbstklebefolien GmbH


Oberauel 2
51491 Overath / GERMANY


Phone: +49 2204 70880
Fax: +49 2204 70850


E-Mail: info@aslanfolien.de
Internet: www.aslanfolien.de

Specialty Materials / POLI-TAPE USA Inc.


12322 East 55 ST
Tulsa, OK 74146 / USA

Phone: +1 904 215 14 11
Fax: +1 904 215 41 12
E-Mail: info@politape.us
Internet: www.politape.us
Internet: www.specialtymaterials.com


Via Colorne, 9/A
25030 Castelmella (BS) / ITALIA

Phone: +39 030 358 1945
Fax: +39 030 358 3522

E-Mail: office@poli-tape.it


Via F.lli Rusjan, 76
34070 Savogna d'Isonzo (GO) / ITALIA

Phone: +39 0481 882 501
Fax: +39 0481 882 440
E-Mail: info@kemicasrl.it
Internet: www.kemica.it

POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH

Remagen is a few kilometers south from the former capital Bonn on the Rhine offering an optimal infrastructure for industry due to the geographical central location.


Nearby airports Cologne / Bonn, Frankfurt Main and Duesseldorf provide good international connections.


POLI-TAPE has significant economical political relevance as one of the largest businesses in the region with more than 250 employees in the Remagen plant. The Company’s continuous expansion constantly creates new jobs for highly qualified staff in view of the sophisticated Technology in Production and Administration.

Specialty Materials / POLI-TAPE USA Inc.

Growing strongly in America

The dynamic American markets – also of great importance to POLI-TAPE. The foundation of POLI-TAPE USA Inc. in 2001 was an essential and consistent step in the company’s globalisation.
POLI-TAPE USA is responsible for sales and distribution in North, Central and South America. The company is in Tulsa (Oklahoma), a location of strategic importance today. With its central warehouse and packaging technology, POLI-TAPE supplies the market in the best way possible and ensures optimum logistics. In this way POLI-TAPE can always directly supply its customers with high-quality products.


The aquisation of Specialty Materials (Tulsa/USA) a leading provider of plotter cut films and digitally printable media used for heat transfer textile decoration, opened new opportiunities for POLI-TAPE in the US market.


POLI-TAPE Italia: The most modern technology for high-quality products

POLI-TAPE Italia is a specialised company for the production of Cast Films based on Polyurethane and PVC. In addition to surface finishing with varnish, printing or embossing, POLI-TAPE Italia coats panel shaped material with thermal activatable and pressure sensitive adhesive. The Solvent recovery units for the emitting process conform to the highest European standards and allow the processing of water based, solvent and plasticizer-based formulations.


We can react quickly to the requirements of the market, and are flexible for specific customer requests due to our comprehensive, well-founded high quality products for all conceivable eventualities.


A new addition to the POLI-TAPE Group: KEMICA S.r.l. Italy

KEMICA S.p.a was acquired by the POLI-TAPE Group of Companies and was conveyed over to the newly founded KEMICA S.p.a and operates independently in the market. Water based and Solvent based adhesives are coated in the production plant in Savogna D’Isonzo.

In order to work efficiently for all International Customers, all Commercial activities, Order Processing and Sales are executed in Savogna D’Isonzo. Purchasing and Accounting are controlled centrally from POLI-TAPE Italia S.r.L. (Brescia). This allows for Technical Economies within the group to be continually optimised.

ASLAN Selbstklebefolien GmbH

ASLAN is well known for manufacturing high quality self-adhesive products for more than 70 years. Under the brand name ASLAN they exclusively develop and produce products with unique selling points and the quality claim "Made in Germany". The extensive product range includes self-adhesive films for very different application areas such as graphic applications (advertising technology and digital printing), painting and varnishing, sandblasting, architecture and interior design, office and organization, the production of lampshades, book protection and repair, hobby and craft supplies as well as industrial projects and contract coating.


ASLAN is part of the POLI-TAPE Group since November 2019 and thus continues as a family-run business.


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