Welcome to POLI-TAPE, the manufacturer of high-quality and versatile Heat Transfer Vinyls.

Our extensive range of Heat Transfer Vinyls is best suited for creativity and realising own ideas. The application possibilities are endless: Whether fashion products, team or workwear, sports textiles, bags, pouches, hats, accessories, even wood and paper - we manufacture the right product for every possibility and make your project a success.

In addition to various flex vinyls you will also find flock and effect vinyls with glitter particles or special designs. Let yourself be inspired by our products and try it out!



Would you like to get to know our POLI-TAPE Heat Transfer Vinyls and how to get our products?
It's very simple: POLI-TAPE Heat Transfer Vinyls are available at our certified POLI-TAPE Craft Stores and Master Distributors, at specialized dealers for advertising technology as well as at various online retailers. If you haven't found a suitable store yet, you can fill out the contact form below and we will give you an authorized POLI-TAPE retailer.


What are official POLI-TAPE Craft Stores and Master Distributors?
POLI-TAPE Craft Stores and Master Distributors are stores authorized by us. They deliver to private persons and offer our vinyls in A4 sheet format as well as 305mm rolls. A certified POLI-TAPE Craft Store and Master Distributor offers POLI-TAPE products with professional advice and ensures compliance with our high quality standards.

Why can't you buy directly from POLI-TAPE?
We are a producer of high-quality textile transfer vinyls  as well as many other films for the labelling and advertising technology industry. We sell our products in large format to our B2B customers.
Our retailer or partner convert the vinyls into the format that an end customer needs for their  hobby plotter. The POLI-TAPE retailer are available for you as technical advisors. We strive to further optimize the distribution channels for end customer. Therefore we constantly push the expansion of the POLI-TAPE Craft Stores.


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