Mr. Walter Möhren founded POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH on 17th June 1993.

Initially, the company's operational focus was on the development of specialist adhesive tapes and on the structured establishment of an efficient sales organisation. During the start-up phase the products were manufactured on a contracted job order basis.

from 1996

Expansion of the Company’s Slitting Capacity
Investment in new and modern rewinding/slitting equipment.

till 1998

Start-up of a Coating Line
Installation of a high bay warehouse.

Establishment of a laboratory for continuous quality controls.

Rapid success and solid growth enabled POLI-TAPE in 1997 to start up a coating line and thus to lay the foundation for the subsequent in-house production of adhesive films. Continuous extensive investments in specialist technology and capacity expansion, established the basis for further sales growth.


Foundation of POLI-TAPE USA Inc.
An important step towards the company's international orientation was taken in 2001 with the foundation of POLI-TAPE USA Inc. in Jacksonville (Florida).


Investment in converting and fully automated slitting machines
Fully automated system implemented for adhesive tape converting and slitting.


Manufacturing of Textile Transfer films
Foundation of POLI-TAPE Italia S.r.l.

In July 2006, POLI-TAPE Italia S.r.l. (Brescia) was founded. This provided POLI-TAPE with the technical resources required for the in-house production and converting of transfer films for its core business Textile Graphics. 


Construction of a new administration building
Start-up of the second coating line in Remagen
Acquisition of KEMICA S.p.a., Italy

2009 was a year of expansion for the POLI-TAPE Group. The construction of the new administration building in Remagen was the basis for the broadening of the sales organisation.


In addition to the positive effect on sales, the laboratory could benefit from this expansion of urgently required space due to the ongoing increase of the laboratory capacity. The laboratory in Remagen is equipped with the latest development and analysis technology. As a result, the entire group's product development operations are done at the Remagen site which further enhances POLI-TAPE's innovative strength.


In 2009 additional investments were made in the production technology. The second coating line in Remagen not only increased the production capacity, it offered advanced variegated technical possibilities so that a wider range of products could be manufactured.


The acquisition of the Sign & Digital division of KEMICA S.p.a. Italy on 1st March 2009 has further improved the POLI-TAPE Group's international competitive strength. This production facility is located in Savogna D'Isonzo (Gorizia). Business operations will be incorporated in the newly founded KEMICA S.r.l. Water and solvent based adhesives can be coated at the production site.


Plant expansion with a floor space of 9.000m².
Two new coating lines, converting and packing machines go into operation.

After a major investment in 2011, a building with floor space of 9.000 m² for coating, converting and warehouse purposes as well as two new coating lines were put into operation.


The plant extension comprises two new coating lines suitable for processing water and solvent based adhesives and for the siliconisation of paper liners. In addition a fully automated, robot supported converting and packing machine went into operation.


Acquisition Flock division
POLI-TAPE acquired the complete Flock division, including the production line, know- how and composition formulations from CHT R. Beitlich GmbH in September 2013. The Flock production in the new Flock plant in Remagen was launched in early March 2014. 


Construction of a further administration building
Expansion of warehouse capacity for raw and semi-finished goods

Due to the continuous increase in sales, a new administration building for Production Planning, IT and Purchasing was built in 2014. In the course of construction, a large training center for customer training and product workshops was created. The training center with a joined catering area is available to our customers for one or several day seminars and can ideally be combined with a company tour.


The warehouse logistics was expanded by 2.500 m². The new warehouse for raw and semi-finished goods is partially air conditioned for heat sensitive raw material.


The Remagen facility has a usable area for coating, converting and warehouse logistics of more than 17.000 m² after this expansion.


Demise of the founder
Fully automated converting and packing machines in the Textile Graphics area

The company founder Mr. Walter Möhren died unexpectedly on 13th December 2016 at the age of only 65 years old.

He created an innovative and excellent company during the last 25 years due to his entrepreneurial skills. Many of todays’ successfully distributed products trace back to his own development.

Since then his son Sven Möhren manages the company group successfully together with the entire team and in the sense of his father.


A fully automated converting machine for Textile Graphics was put into operation end of 2016. The unit is equipped with a modern camera system for the optical error control and therefore new quality standards have been achieved. Secondly, a new packing conveyor line was installed to pack, label and pallet the rolls securely.


Launch of Glitter Production
At the beginning of 2017 a coating line for the in-house production of Glitter films for textile application was implemented. This is another step in the growth of the core business Textile Graphics and an extension of the high refinement depth.


Expansion of warehouse capacity

The new logistics building with a floor space of 2000 m² accommodates 1200 frames for jumbo rolls and 650 additional storing positions for pallets. Due to the improvement of warehouse logistics, customer requests can be responded quicker and more flexible.

Thus POLI-TAPE disposes now of a total floor space of 25.000 m² and about 19.000 m² of building space.


Acquisition of ASLAN Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG based in Overath

The company ASLAN with its manifold product range of high-quality special films is an excellent addition to the POLI-TAPE company group. Together with ASLAN, which still acts independently in the market, there is the possibility to better respond to the high demands of our customers.


Purchase of a further property at the headquarter in Remagen

With an additional space of more than 24.000 m² the company is well-prepared for future growth.

POLI-TAPE has now a floor space of nearly 50.000 m² at the headquarter in Remagen.


Acquisition of CFP SARL from France

Since December 2021 CFP is part of the POLI-TAPE Group. CFP is a French producer of high quality heat transfer films. The company has modern production facilities and has developed a range of polyurethane heat transfer films on a completely solvent-free base. Market expectations in terms of quality and environmental awareness are constantly growing and the CFP product range meets these requirements. Together with POLI-TAPE, the goal is to develop innovative and sustainable products.


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