POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH

Zeppelinstraße 17
53424 Remagen / GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0) 2642- 9836 0
Fax: +49 (0) 2642- 9836 37




8100-2 Westside Industrial DR
Jacksonville, FL 32219 / USA

Phone: +1 904 215 14 11
Fax: +1 904 215 41 12



Via Colorne, 9/A
25030 Castelmella (BS) / ITALIA

Phone: +39 030 358 1945
Fax: +39 030 358 3522



Via F.lli Rusjan, 76
34070 Savogna d'Isonzo (GO) / ITALIA

Phone: +39 0481 882 501
Fax: +39 0481 882 440

POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH

Remagen is situated only a few kilometres south of the former federal capital Bonn on the Rhine. Due to its geographically central position, the location has an ideal infrastructure for industrial activity. Moreover, the nearby airports of Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf ensure excellent international connectivity.

For POLI-TAPE and the regional industry, the proximity of internationally significant university and research institutions in Remagen, Bonn and Cologne is also of paramount importance because the joint use of research institutions and the associated fruitful collaboration create valuable synergies.

With more than 200 employees working at the Remagen location, POLI-TAPE is one of the main employers in the region and has, therefore, particular relevance in terms of structural policy. The company's strong growth is a steady source of new jobs calling for highly qualified employees able to handle the sophisticated technology used in production and management.

POLI-TAPE is convinced of Germany's strengths as a business location. Not only can the company count on the commitment of well-trained and dependable employees enabling the development and manufacture of highly specialised products, but its central location also guarantees fast and reliable deliveries to specialised traders operating in the core areas of display lettering and advertising technology.

Moreover, an efficient network of suppliers ensures steady raw material deliveries within the perfectly developed logistical framework of the European Community.


POLI-TAPE USA –Growing strongly in America

The dynamic American markets – also of great importance to POLI-TAPE. The foundation of POLI-TAPE USA Inc. in 2001 was an essential and consistent step in the company’s globalisation.

POLI-TAPE USA is responsible for sales and distribution in North, Central and South America. The company is in Jacksonville (Florida), a location of strategic importance today. With its central warehouse and packaging technology, POLI-TAPE supplies the market in the best way possible and ensures optimum logistics.

In this way POLI-TAPE can always directly supply its customers with high-quality products.


POLI-TAPE Italia: The most modern technology for high-quality products

POLI-TAPE Italia is a company specialised in the production of cast films made of polyurethane and PVC. As well as surface finishing with varnish, print or embossing, POLI-TAPE Italia coats rolled materials with heat activated glues and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

The technology
The most modern production plants with integrated equipment for continuous process control guarantee the highest possible quality and consistent product characteristics. POLI-TAPE customers can be certain that they will always receive products of the same high quality.

Our range of products
Our strength is in the production of PVC and polyurethane films with and without adhesive coating in various widths, colours, designs and embossing.

Our product range includes thermal transfer flex films for printing T-shirts, sports- and leisurewear as well as synthetic leather for shoes, clothes and furniture.

Further products include PVC and PU cast foam for insulation material and joint sealing in the automotive and construction sectors. Cast films for diverse technical applications complete the range.

Our most important promise: Quality with responsibility - without compromise
With our comprehensive and thorough knowledge we are able to be flexible and react quickly to market requirements and specific customer wishes during the development and production of our high-quality products.

The recovery system for emitting solvents fulfils the highest European standards and allows the processing of watery, solvent- and plasticizer-based formulas.

Harmonising with nature – a promise not only for our customers.


A new addition to the POLI-TAPE Group: KEMICA S.r.l. Italy

On 1st of March, the POLI-TAPE Group took over the Sign & Digital Division of KEMICA S.p.a. Italy and its production facility in Savogna D'Isonzo (Gorizia). This was another decisive step towards improving the group's international competitiveness.

The company
KEMICA S.p.a. was taken over by the POLI-TAPE Group and incorporated in the newly founded KEMICA S.r.l. Although KEMICA S.r.l. is consolidated in the POLI-TAPE Group, it continues to operate in its market as an independent entity.

All customer-related activities, such as order processing and sales, are pooled at the company in Savogna D'Isonzo (Gorizia) so that we can provide international customers with an optimum service. Purchasing, accounting and controlling operations are centralised at POLI-TAPE Italia S.r.l. (Brescia).

These corporate structures facilitate the creation and continuous optimisation of synergies within the group.

The products
Ever since it was founded in 1974, KEMICA S.p.a. has been an internationally successful supplier of sign & digital products and industrial adhesive tapes. The product range extends from Vinyls for Digital Printing (DIGIT), Sign Vinyls
(TEC MARK) and Application Tapes (TEC ROLL) to Over-laminating Films (TEC LUX & TEC FLOOR). These products optimally complement the POLI-TAPE Group's existing activities, generate additional synergies and round off the product portfolio.

The technology
Ideally supplementing the group The POLI-TAPE Group's German site can perform water-based coatings. The Savogna D'Isonzo site not only coats with water-based adhesives, but also solvent-based adhesives. POLI-TAPE Italia S.r.l. (Brescia) has additional casting technology for the production of polyurethane and PVC film, providing the POLI-TAPE Group with technologically advanced production processes which put it at a competitive advantage in its core markets.

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