POLI-TAPE is an innovative family business and market-leading manufacturer of high-quality textile transfer films, digital printing media, plotter and laminating films as well as adhesive films for a multitude of applications. Thereby the strong focus is on advertising and display lettering.

Besides the headquarter in Remagen there are two manufacturing companies in Italy: POLI-TAPE Italia in Brescia and KEMICA in Gorizia. Furthermore an affiliate with own sales and logistics in Jacksonville (Florida) operates the big markets in North, Central and South America.

All our efforts are committed to providing our customers with superior and innovative products.

By means of a strong vertical integrated state-of-the-art production technology POLI-TAPE has a broad finishing profoundness which guarantees a high competitiveness. Thereby POLI-TAPE can react quickly to changing market needs and offer individual product solutions.

Your needs drive us to peak performance based on know-how and maximum commitment – day by day and product by product.


Creative Products for Wide-Ranging Applications

The foremost founding principle leading to the establishment of POLI-TAPE Klebefolien GmbH in 1993 was the idea to develop and produce customized adhesive films for the strongly growing printing and display market.

It is the company's ambition and mission to supply specialised niche products, with a view to establishing and continually expanding the market-leader position built on highest technical standards and permanent innovation. A major indication for the international success is the presence in more than 90 countries of the world.

This fundamental focus on individual customer needs has to date remained a key principle guiding the daily operations of POLI-TAPE.

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