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111. MARKETING TOOLS   MARKETING DVD Order our brand new marketing DVD with high definition pictures, product videos and advertising material. ► POLI-TAPE MARKETING DVD  
112. SIGN & DIGITAL - SIGN & DIGITAL - QUALITY MAKES ITS MARK   SIGN & DIGITAL - QUALITY MAKES ITS MARK Excellence in implementation is the key: Creative surface design requires perfect lettering. If logos, advertising messages and design features are to be  
113. MARKETING TOOLS - MARKETING-TOOLS   MARKETING-TOOLS Here you can find and download the current marketing tools from the POLI-TAPE GROUP. For additional information, please contact us by using the contact, it would be our pleasure to  
115. MARKETING TOOLS   TEXTILE GRAPHICS PRINTABLES TEXTILE GRAPHICS PRINTABLE products are high quality textile transfer films for photo-realistic digital printing using inkjet- or sublimation technique. ► Booklet  
116. MARKETING TOOLS   TEXTILE GRAPHIC FOLDER For a fine visual presentation of the many applications of the POLI-TAPE Textile Graphics range, we recommend our Samples. The Folder features 14 Graphics and Colour Cards  
117. Privacy Policy   Privacy Policy The english translation is in progress. I. Name und Anschrift des Verantwortlichen Der Verantwortliche im Sinne der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung und anderer nationaler  
118. MARKETING TOOLS   Colour Card POLI-FLEX PREMIUM / BLOCKOUT / STRETCH POLI-FLEX PREMIUM is an ecologically proven polyurethane film with matt, reflectionfree surface, in accordance with OEKO-TEX STANDARD  
119. MARKETING TOOLS   Colour Card POLI-FLEX IMAGE POLI-FLEX IMAGE is a high-quality flex film with special surface effect laminated with a heat sealing adhesive.  ► Colour Card POLI-FLEX IMAGE (0,2 MB)  
120. MARKETING TOOLS   Colour Card POLI-FLEX NYLON POLI-FLEX NYLON is a transfer film with a special heat sealing adhesive for hydrophobic and nylon textiles.  ► Colour Card POLI-FLEX NYLON (0,2 MB)  
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