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161. MARKETING TOOLS   POLI-TAPE GROUP LOGO (Vectorversion) This logo is an Adobe Illustrator Vektorgrafik and is suitable for large format prints. It is boundlessly scaleable and can be used in advertising and signage  
162. MARKETING TOOLS   POLI-TAPE GROUP LOGO (Internetversion) This logo is suitable for the internet (Web RGB). The download link is a jpg file and can be immediately linked to your homepage. ► POLI-TAPE Logo RGB (90  
163. MARKETING TOOLS   MARKETING DVD Order our brand new marketing DVD with high definition pictures, product videos and advertising material. ► POLI-TAPE MARKETING DVD  
164. SIGN & DIGITAL - SIGN & DIGITAL - QUALITY MAKES ITS MARK   SIGN & DIGITAL - QUALITY MAKES ITS MARK Excellence in implementation is the key: Creative surface design requires perfect lettering. If logos, advertising messages and design features are to be  
165. MARKETING TOOLS - MARKETING-TOOLS   MARKETING-TOOLS Here you can find and download the current marketing tools from the POLI-TAPE GROUP. For additional information, please contact us by using the contact, it would be our pleasure to  
166. MARKETING TOOLS   TEXTILE GRAPHIC FOLDER For a fine visual presentation of the many applications of the POLI-TAPE Textile Graphics range, we recommend our Samples. The Folder features 14 Graphics and Colour Cards  
167. MARKETING TOOLS   Overview DOUBLE SIDED ADHESIVE TAPES POLI-FIX products are double-sided adhesive tapes with different carrier materials. The adhesive tapes are suitable for the lamination of foam, felt and  
168. MARKETING TOOLS   POLI-TAPE ROLL UP You can hold a quick and elegant presentation of our products by our Roll Up. The Roll Up is setup during a few seconds and is curled into an aluminium pedestal. The  
169. POLYMERE PVC-FOLIEN - DATA SHEETS   DATA SHEETS POLI-PRINT 1000 White Gloss PG POLI-PRINT 1001 White Gloss P POLI-PRINT 1003 White Gloss PG Air Free POLI-PRINT 1004 White Matt P POLI-PRINT 1005 Translucent P POLI-PRINT 1010  
170. EINSEITIGE KLEBEBÄNDER - Single Sided Adhesive Tapes   Single Sided Adhesive Tapes POLI-TACK products are single-sided adhesive tapes for special applications, used, for example, for surface protection in silk-screen printing, and electroplating  
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