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21. POLI-MOUNT   Data Sheets POLI-MOUNT 385 POLI-MOUNT 390 POLI-MOUNT 3705 POLI-MOUNT 3905 Double Sided Adhesive Tapes POLI-MOUNT POLI-MOUNT products are double-sided adhesive tapes with foam carriers. In  
22. POLI-JOURNAL   POLI-JOURNAL Here you always find the current issue of our POLI-JOURNAL for downloading. With the journal we would like to inform you regularly about product news and developments within the  
23. POLI-TACK   DATA SHEETS POLI-TACK 850 POLI-TACK 853 POLI-TACK 854 POLI-TACK 860 THERMO-TAPE 840T POLI-TACK: Transfer tapes for textile applications The transfer tapes from POLI-TAPE are suitable  
24. POLI-FINISH   DATA SHEETS POLI-FINISH MATT / GLOSSY POLI-FINISH MATT This high grade casting-paper possesses a special release-coating especially designed to match our Printables range. A semi-matt finish is  
25. POLI-TRANS   DATA SHEET POLI-TRANS® INKJET LIGHT POLI-TRANS® INKJET DARK POLI-TRANS® POLI-TRANS - a high quality range of Inkjet transfer papers. The range includes transfer papers for light & dark  
26. POLI-FIX - Data Sheets   Data Sheets POLI-FIX 320 POLI-FIX 326 POLI-FIX 340 POLI-FIX 343 POLI-FIX 3800 POLI-FIX 38DX POLI-GRIP 400  
27. OBERFLÄCHENSCHUTZFOLIEN - POLI-GUARD   POLI-GUARD High-quality surfaces and materials require special protection in order to preserve their value. POLI-GUARD products are manufactured from polyethylene and polypropylene films in a wide  
28. POLI-FLEX NYLON   Dimensions 1524 mm x 25 m*, 500 mm x 25 m, 500 x 10 m Other dimensions and special colours available on request.* No Standarddimension. Conversion after placed order.    Extended  
29. POLI-FLEX NYLON   Processing POLI-FLEX® NYLON can be cut with all current plotters. We recommend to use a standard 45° knife. After weeding the cut flex film is transferred for 4 sec. by heat press. The polyester  
30. POLI-FLEX NYLON   Features Washable at 40°C. POLI-FLEX® NYLON has been especially designed for difficult fabrics. Suitable to transfer onto Nylon and textiles with hydrophobic impregnation. Guarantee for a secure  
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