POLI-MELT: Hotmelt Films for textile applications

POLI-MELT NYLON 701 (Polyamide) is a hotmelt film which is covered with a silicone liner.  These film has a thickness of 50 μ. 
Product POLI-MELT 701
Bezeichnung POLI-MELT 701
Product Structure Adhesive: Polyamide
Liner: Silicone paper  
Thickness 0,05 mm
Transfer conditions 145 -155°C
15 - 18 sec.
2-3 bar
Application Hotmelt film to bond different kinds of impregnated materials (substrates) using temperature. Typical applications are for example to transfer motives or stickers onto T-Shirts and technical applications.
Datasheet POLI-MELT_701_en.pdf